Sunday, August 9, 2009


I've been tweeting for awhile now, but was inspired to establish this blog today when I wanted to write more than Twitter's limits allow. I set this up with some doubts that anyone will ever read it. But it's here and, hey, if you're reading it, my doubts were unwarranted.

And if you're reading, a bit of introduction is warranted. I'm a longtime fan of jazz (well, since the 1980s, anyway; that's not going to seem longtime to many). And living in the Kansas City area, I'm particularly fond of the music for which this city is internationally renowned. As my profile over on the right notes, I was an organizer of the Kansas City Jazz Festival through much of the 1980s and chairman of the Kansas City Jazz Commission for a bit. Today, I'm just a fan.

As a fan going out to listen to the music, I'm astounded by the wealth of talent in this city today. I'll expand on that in the next post.

Because that's enough about me. Me is not what this blog is about. It's about jazz and Kansas City and thoughts which require more than 140 characters. All of which we'll now move on to.

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