Friday, August 13, 2010

Rhythm & Ribs 2010

I want to comment more, and in coming weeks, I will. But for now, let’s get out this much.

Talent for the 2010 Rhythm and Ribs Festival was announced at a press conference this morning. The national acts include:

• Trumpeter Nicholas Payton, also coming in as an artist in residence

• A tribute to Donny Hathaway featuring saxophonist Kirk Whalum and singer Lahla Hathaway (Donny’s daughter)

• Sugarfoot and the Ohio Players

(Local acts are still being booked.)

This year’s fest is a one day event, on Saturday, October 9th, running from 11 to 11. The new festival map extends from Vine to Highland and from the back doors of the 18th and Vine museum complex to the Gregg-Klice Community Center grounds. The main stage will fill the community center’s curved drive. Live music will also fill The Blue Room stage and the museum lobby throughout the day. Vendors fill adjacent lots. And crowds – that’s us – will fill the grassy grounds.

Tickets are $18 until 10 p.m. the night before the event, and $25 at the gate. More ticket info is on the American Jazz Museum’s web site (here).


And here’s why I’m so anxious to get out this much.

Do a web search for Rhythm and Ribs Kansas City. Know what the third link listed in a Google search, and the top link in a Yahoo search will be? It’ll be for Seems a likely source for festival news to me. Now click on it and you’ll find:

In case you can’t see it, that screen grab reads, “The 2009 Kansas City Rhythm and Ribs Festival has been cancelled, but will be back in 2010. Refunds are available at the American Jazz Museum Box Office or at Ticketmaster.”

Hey, that ought to drive advance sales.

Can somebody kill that web site? Or have it redirect to the current site? Or at least replace the copy with a current site link?


Then make sure the latest news is on the latest site.

People are looking for festival info. I know. I see hits coming into this blog through the search term Rhythm and Ribs Kansas City.

So to anyone doing that search who wound up here: I can’t wait to party with you October 9th!

(Just doing a community service here.)

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