Monday, April 4, 2016

Deborah Brown at The Blue Room

It’s always a treat when Deborah Brown plays Kansas City.

Deborah’s magnificent jazz voice is acclaimed all over the world – her website is available in five languages – but she rarely performs here, in her hometown. So when she does, pay attention. Especially when the guests dropping by to perform with her include Bobby Watson, David Basse, Todd Strait, Bram Wijnands, a saxophonist from Poland and a Dutch bassist. And that’s on top of an ensemble with Rod Fleeman on guitar, Joe Cartwright on piano and Mike Warren on drums.

I’d suggest that nobody anywhere heard better live jazz the night of February 16th than those of us gathered in The Blue Room. Hell, why just suggest it? I’ll proclaim it. If you were there, you know I’m right.

And if you weren’t there, below is a photo sampling of what you missed. As always, clicking on a shot should open a larger version of it.

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown and Bobby Watson in The Blue Room

Bobby Watson on sax

Polish saxophonist Sylwester Ostrowski

Sylwester Ostrowski, Deborah Brown and Bobby Watson

Joris Teepe on bass

Deborah Brown, Joris Teepe and Sylwester Ostrowski

David Basse and Deborah Brown

Rod Fleeman on guitar

Joe Cartwright on piano

Mike Warren on drums

Bobby Watson and Rod Fleeman

Todd Strait sits in on drums

David Basse and Deborah Brown: mutual admiration. Behind them, Joris Teepe

Deborah Brown and Bobby Watson: more mutual admiration

Deborah Brown sings in The Blue Room. Behind her, a very happy Joris Teepe.

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  1. Very nice pictures. Really captures the spirit. Deborah seems to be beaming with internal joy. She is a wonderful singer and person. thanks for sharing these photos.


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