Monday, July 12, 2010

In Lieu of 1000 Words: Crosscurrent at The Blue Room

They’re one of the best jazz groups in town. Somebody give these guys a gig.

Crosscurrent is drummer Sam Wisman’s collection of top KC talent playing the music of Lennie Tristano. T.J. Martley claims Tristano’s piano seat, plus Matt Otto on tenor and other reeds, Zach Beeson on bass and Sam on drums. And this night they were joined by equally superb sax-man (but, I hear, soon to leave KC, alas) Steve Lambert.

They assembled for the group’s second public performance last month at The Blue Room. Sharp and precise playing complex Tristano compositions, the talent of each shines through on imaginatively conceived and thoroughly enlightening solos. They’re as good as you’ll find in Kansas City – or damn near any city.

On Mondays at The Blue Room, a single set is followed by a jam session. But one set of this group is not nearly enough. I want to hear more. So somebody, do me a favor and book these guys. I’ll be there.

(And when that happens, everyone else: You should be there, too.)

Here’s how it looked that June night. As always, clicking on a photo should open a larger version of it.

Crosscurrent. Left to right: T.J. Martley, piano, Steve Lambert, tenor sax, Zach Beeson, bass, Matt Otto, reeds, Sam Wisman, drums

Steve Lambert and Matt Otto

T.J. Martley on piano

Matt Otto on tenor

Sam Wisman on drums

Steve Lambert on tenor

Zach Beeson on bass

Matt Otto and Sam Wisman

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  1. Really enjoyed you at the Blue Room guys. Excellent.
    Kelly Stahr


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