Monday, December 17, 2012

KC Jazz for Christmas, 2012

Not a week before Christmas, a friend came to me.
“I need KC jazz! It must be on CD!
It needs to be music released just this year,
Exceptional songs you know I'll want to hear.
I have a new girlfriend who I must impress
With new KC jazz music. So only the best.”

“You will not go wrong,” I said, “with Peregrination.
Chris Hazelton’s trio is a B3 sensation.
With Chris on the organ, Kevin Frazee on drums,
Danny Embrey’s guitar he so perfectly strums.
This trio: It swings, it thrills, it delights.
It’s B3 organ jazz music you’ll love many nights .”

“Or take Keyboard Christmas by Michael Pagán,
With inventive piano, you will not go wrong.
It’s not really music played holiday style
But solo piano to charm and beguile.
It takes unique turns, it captures your ear.
It’s Christmas songs played to hear all of the year.

“Now, Passport will take you a different direction.
World music / jazz masters: A fun intersection.
With Beau Bledsoe on oud, or on the guitar,
And Stan Kessler’s trumpet, this music goes far.
It glides and it soars with wicked delight,
This music will take you on exotic flight.

“Bill McKemy’s Duende is not technically new,
With songs first recorded in two thousand and two.
But a CD rerelease of music long hard to find,
With Bill’s double bass, Jeffrey Ruckman sublime,
Original music Bill composed and arranged.
Count it as new and you’ll not be shortchanged.

“More solo piano marks T.J. Martley’s release
Of Meditations, an intimate feast.
Recording his thoughts and sense at the time,
Improvisational music of feelings sublime,
This young jazz pianist sets you a seat
And invites you to listen, an engaging treat.”

“That’s it! I’ll take all!” My friend did exclaim.
“I’ll arouse my new girlfriend! She’ll revere my name!
Because we know that KC claims some of jazz’s best
Musicians of talent who always impress
These CDs do prove it, unequalled in style,
So listen to all and be thrilled for awhile!”


Don’t let my amazingly bad verse deter you from some amazingly good CDs. Peregrination can be purchased here. Keyboard Christmas can be purchased here. Passport, Duende and Meditations, Vol. 1 can be purchased here.


  1. KKFI played the Hazelton disc alot. Not really sure why. A completely bland and painfully predictable affair.

  2. Ouch, I wish I wouldn't have read the above comment. But thank you KCJazzLark, I appreciate the kind words!

  3. Hey Chris - ignore the unnecessary and rude comment from the Dec 19 anon. I think you're CD is great!


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