Monday, July 30, 2012

This 'n That 'n Chastised

So who among Kansas City jazz fans doesn’t receive this email?

This listing of area jazz events, emailed weekly, has become an increasingly invaluable calendar of where to hear our favorite music around KC. Currently The Blue Room and other American Jazz Museum venues, and The Phoenix, participate. If Take Five, The Majestic and the Mutual Musicians Foundation would also submit listings, this could become the most complete place to find where to find live jazz in the area.

I can report that the Magic Jazz Fairy (whose tales we’ve related many times before) was delighted to see this schedule. Absolutely thrilled. Well, there was one thing that didn’t thrill it, but never mind about that.

The email is free. It’s sent weekly by You can sign up here. After you do, select Update Profile and from there the Content tab to enter your zip code and to click on a box to receive the emailed schedule.

If you’re a club, to enter an event after signing in, go here (instructions for uploading multiple events are here) or click on Calendar on the site.


One advantage of having all area clubs participate would be the inclusion of this event: Parallax at Take Five on August 9th.

This is Stan Kessler’s new group with a pair of outstanding drummers.

I noted last week, after hearing Matt Otto’s sextet at The Blue Room, that some of jazz’s best musicians reside in Kansas City. Parallax is further proof, as demonstrated during their first performance at the Westport Coffee House. Stan Kessler on trumpet and flugelhorn, Roger Wilder on piano, Bill McKemy on bass, and both Ryan Lee and Brian Steever on drums, are jazz musicians who could perform anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

The unique sounds of Ryan and Brian driving each other on drums, one responding to the other, edged further by Roger and Bill, and complemented by Stan, sets this group apart.

Even more….


Hey, this is the Magic Jazz Fairy. I’m jumping in here. I’m taking over the rest of today’s blog, because I got to tell you about what a moron it is who’s writing this.

Not about Parallax. Everything he says about them, he’s got that right. That show, you got to see.

But let’s talk about this weekly schedule he started with.

I’m looking the schedule over. I’m looking to see what’s there and what ain’t. Now, you know how this blogger, the moron who writes this blog, you know how he jumps all over venues that don’t promote their jazz events. You know how he’s always talking about how some places don’t use the free media available to them. You’ve read that stuff, right? And he’s on track with that talk.

And you know how he’s talked about his helping with the Prairie Village Jazz Festival.

So I’m looking over this schedule, this free media schedule that this blogger moron’s been getting for months.

Guess what event ain’t on there.

Oh, there’s a festival on there all right. Rhythm and Ribs, the one he wrote “bleh” about, that one’s promoted.

But the one mister raving-about-not-using-social-media helps with? The festival mister moron blogger booked?

Well, it’ll be on that schedule this week. Moron blogger and me, we had a talk. He understands the way I see things now. At my urging, he spent a little time on the computer to get that Prairie Village festival listed.

You know, I try to spread the word on jazz. I try to keep everyone informed. I try to do my job and help. But the organizers, do they help?

Some, yeah, they do. But sometimes, they turn out to be a damned moron blogger.

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  1. Don't know if you noticed, but there has been one addition to this year's Rhythm & Ribs Festival. The outstanding bari saxist Claire Daly will be artist in residence. Definitely not "bleh."


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