Monday, January 6, 2014

Shay Estes Quintet at The Broadway Jazz Club

It was, I believe, the second weekend they were open. And I took the shots late, during the last set, so I wouldn’t get in everyone’s way. As a matter of fact, the crowd earlier in the evening wasn’t bad, especially considering jazz fans are just discovering The Broadway Jazz Club.

So don’t try to tell me that the empty tables in these shots mean jazz is dead or some other hokum. They only mean it was late at night during the second week of a brand new club.

They also mean some of us heard wonderful jazz that you missed.

Last week I offered initial impressions of The Broadway Jazz Club. This week and next, I offer photos so you can see for yourself.

On Saturday, December 12th, Shay Estes took the stage accompanied by Matt Otto on saxophone, T.J. Martley on piano, Karl McComas-Reichl on bass and Sam Wisman on drums. I hadn’t heard Shay backed by this particular quartet before. But with the club’s exceptional sound system, this night just about every corner of 36th and Broadway filled with delight.

The final set opened with just T.J and Matt. Wow. How do I hear more of just these two? Maybe T.J. and Matt as an early evening opener some night? Just throwing the idea out there.

More of Shay Estes, too, please, with whatever quartet she chooses.

As always, clicking on a photo should open a larger version of it.

The Shay Estes Quintet (for this night, anyway). Left to right: T.J. Martley on piano, Karl McComas-Reichl on bass, Shay Estes, vocals, Sam Wisman on drums, Matt Otto on sax.

Shay Estes and Karl McComas-Reichl

T.J. Martley on piano

Matt Otto on sax

Shay Estes

Sam Wisman on drums

Paintings of KC jazz legends line the wall at The Broadway Jazz Club. Here, the view from Marilyn Maye to the stage. Even back here, you can gently converse without noise overwhelming the music you came to hear.

Karl McComas-Reichl on bass while Shay Estes sings

T.J. Martley plays piano while being watched, on the wall behind him, by little Jimmy Rushing.

The Shay Estes Quintet at The Broadway Jazz Club

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