Monday, February 10, 2014

Friday Night at Jazz Winterlude

I remember the first one. I was working the box office as a volunteer, and thanks to a snowstorm people were calling to see if there was still a festival. There was.

That was five years ago. Last month, performance halls were largely filled – in some cases, crammed and overflowing – for Johnson County Community College’s 2014 Jazz Winterlude.

Saturday started with four hours of free local acts in the Carlsen Center’s Polsky Theatre (jazz) and Recital Hall (world music). Organizers will need to find a bigger auditorium for world music next year. Ever see sixty-somethings fight over seats to a concert? I did.

Saturday night concluded with Book of Gaia then Arturo Sandoval packing Yardley Hall. I’ll offer photos from Saturday next week.

Friday night, January 24th, opened in Polsky Theatre with the Doug Talley Quintet playing the music of Wayne Shorter and concluded with headliner Terri Lynne Carrington playing music from her CD tribute to “Money Jungle”. Two nights later, she would win a Grammy award for the album.

Photos from Friday are below. As always, clicking on a photo should open a larger version.

Doug Talley Quintet

David Aaberg on trumpet and Doug Talley on sax

Keith Kavanaugh on drums and David Aaberg

Wayne Hawkins on piano

Tim Brewer on bass

David Aaberg on trumpet

Doug Talley and Tim Brewer

Terri Lynne Carrington

Terri Lynne Carrington

Gerald Clayton on piano

Tia Fuller on saxophone and Gerald Clayton

Terri Lynne Carrington on drums

Nir Felder on guitar

Terri Lynne Carrington drums

Zach Brown on bass

Tia Fuller and Terri Lynne Carrington

Gerald Clayton

Terri Lynne Carrington in Polsky Theatre

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