Monday, October 5, 2015

The 2015 Prairie Village Jazz Festival, Part 1

The weather could not have cooperated better.

The Prairie Village Jazz Festival is still remembered by some for its second year when a microburst pummeled the grounds and ended the day after two acts. Perhaps the weather gods realize they overdid it that year – and they did – and have have been making up for it since.

This year, on Saturday September 10th, crowds started building early and stayed through the McFadden Brothers and The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra bringing thousands to their feet to sway to the magnificent music.

We’ll get to photos of the finale (and Angela Hagenbach and Matt Kane and the Generations Sextet) next week. This week, we take a glance at the day’s first four acts, including Tyrone Clark and True Dig with Lisa Henry, Horacescope, the Peter Schlamb Quartet and the Shawnee Mission East blue Knights.

As always, clicking on a photo should open a larger version of it.

A decent sized crowd for 2:30 in the afternoon and magnificent weather greeted the Shawnee Mission East Blue Knights to open the 2015 festival.

The Shawnee Mission East Blue Knights

The Peter Schlamb Quartet. Left to right: Peter Schlamb on vibraphone, Karl McComas-Reichl on bass, John Kizilarmut on drums, Hermon Mehari on trumpet.

Peter Schlamb. Behind him, Karl McComas-Reichl.

Hermon Mehari

Tyrone Clark and True Dig. Left to right: Charles Williams on keyboards, Tyrone Clark on bass, Lisa Henry, vocals, Michael Warren on drums, Charles Gatschet on guitar.

Tyrone Clark

Lisa Henry

Horacescope. Left to right: Roger Wilder on piano, James Albright on bass, Stan Kessler on trumpet, Sam Wisman on drums, David Chael on saxophone.

James Albright, Stan Kessler, David Chael and Sam Wisman

As the sun started to set, the crowd grew.


  1. This was a great day and event!!! I was there for the entire schedule. The setting is beautiful. Thanks for all of the dedicated work on this!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great article, great event!


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